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Barco designs technology to enable bright outcomes. Beyond the image, we develop sight, sound, and sharing solutions to help you work together, share insights, and wow audiences. Our focus is on three core markets: Enterprise (meeting and corporate spaces, control rooms), Healthcare (radiology, clinical specialties, operating rooms), and Entertainment (movie theaters, live events, attractions).

Model: UniSee Present UPW-420 16HD0UHD US

UniSee Present for Windows UPW-420 is a compact and cost-effective video wall controller perfectly suited for visualizing Windows-based applications and/or locally connected HDMI inputs on a Barco Uni
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Auro 11.1 immersive sound by Barco leads the charge in The Taking of Tiger Mountain
Posted on Thursday, April 23, 2015
Hong Kong, China – 23 April 2015 – Barco, a global leader in digital cinema, announces another addition to the expanding line of blockbusters mixed in the Auro 11.1 sound format. ‘Zhì qu weihu shan’ (The Taking of Tiger Mountain) was released in Greater China. The heroic 3D action drama, directed by Tsui Hark and distributed by Bona Film Group, hit a remarkable 110 million dollars at the Chinese box offices during its first 13 days. MBS Studios, Barco’s Hong Kong-based post-production partner, contributed to this success by mixing the audio for the movie in the immersive Auro-3D sound format.
Based on a true story

Set in 1946 during the Chinese Civil War, ‘Zhì qu weihu shan’ tells the story of communist soldier Yang Zirong as he infiltrates a local gang of bandits. The storyline is based on the novel ‘Tracks in the Snowy Forest’ by Qu Bo and was one of eight revolutionary model operas (yangbanxi) produced by Mao Zedong’s wife Jiang Qing during the Cultural Revolution.

The movie was critically acclaimed for transforming a Chinese classic into a barnstorming period actioner. Hong Kong genre-meister Tsui Hark received praise for some of the most impressive 3D visuals in recent mainland cinema history. 

Spectacular supporting act

The spectacular 3D soundscape for this war drama was mixed by MBS, a local post-production services and distribution organization and longstanding technology partner of Barco. The Hong Kong-based company mixed the first Chinese movie in Auro 11.1 with Tsui Hark in 2013, and they have partnered again for ‘Zhi qu wehu shan’ to create another powerful cinematic soundscape in Auro 11.1. Mr. Kinson Tsang, Managing Director and Chief Engineer at MBS explains: “The Auro 11.1 sound format enables us to create a unique and immersive audio experience for cinemagoers; and we are looking forward to producing more great quality immersive 3D movie mixes in Auro 11.1 by Barco.”

Auro 11.1 sound format

The Auro-3D Creative Tool Suite, developed by Auro Technologies, allows producers to create an immersive aural experience based on three axes: width, depth and height. In theaters equipped with the Auro 11.1 by Barco speaker layout, this results in the most realistic and natural immersive audio experience. Moreover, the system is compatible with existing standards and workflows, offering a path to an open standard for immersive sound.