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Barco designs technology to enable bright outcomes. Beyond the image, we develop sight, sound, and sharing solutions to help you work together, share insights, and wow audiences. Our focus is on three core markets: Enterprise (meeting and corporate spaces, control rooms), Healthcare (radiology, clinical specialties, operating rooms), and Entertainment (movie theaters, live events, attractions).

Model: UniSee Present UPW-420

UniSee Present for Windows UPW-420 is a compact and cost-effective video wall controller perfectly suited for visualizing Windows-based applications and/or locally connected HDMI inputs on a Barco Uni
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Gartner Symposium/ITxpo: how Barco’s ClickShare is ready for the digital transformation
Posted on Friday, November 27, 2015

The Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Barcelona will remain an important source of inspiration and motivation for our team for months to come. It was enthusing to present our ClickShare wireless meeting-room presentation system to the many attending CIOs and IT and we’ve learned a lot from their feedback. Moreover, several of the trends discussed during the event confirmed that ClickShare really meets the needs of today’s digital businesses!


As I mentioned in my previous blog, the ongoing digital evolution is touching every aspect of our organizations. Committed to becoming a digital business, forward-looking companies are increasingly adopting bimodal IT: they combine their legacy IT systems with innovative, next-generation solutions that are inspired by the applications that employees are using in their everyday lives. These new applications and services have to be intuitive and ensure interconnectivity with the many different devices that both employees and guests bring along to the workplace these days.

A marathon a year
Now, is there one place in a company where so much information is shared and so many different devices are used than in meeting rooms or boardrooms? Well there isn’t, is there. And yet, most meeting rooms show not the least sign of ‘digital evolution’. While we know that today’s digital audience demands active involvement in meetings, the meeting rooms themselves often lack solutions for them to connect easily with each other and with their data.

We’ve collected a few staggering figures to illustrate the ‘problem’. 20% of meetings that overrun, do so because of problems with equipment. IT managers face almost 450 issues with meeting rooms every year and walk a staggering marathon to fix them. 68% of meeting participants claim they cannot share data from their personal devices.

Interaction and engagement
Barco believes that collaboration and sharing information between colleagues, business partners, etc. should be as easy as having a face-to-face conversation. So we developed our wireless ClickShare meeting-room system: an easy-to-use tool that allows people to quickly connect to the presentation screen at the click of a button – or via an app – from any device. The result: interaction, collaboration and engagement. ClickShare makes technology no longer a barrier but an enabler – a proposition that really impressed the many CIOs and IT leaders visiting our booth at the past Gartner event!

By the way, I had the honor of presenting ‘Visualizing BYOD’ during the Gartner event. Feel free to watch the video or browse through the presentation on SlideShare!