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Kramer Brings Video Control to Every Room in the House

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Kramer Brings Video Control to Every Room in the House
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Kramer Brings Video Control to Every Room in the House

Audio and video entertainment in any room, any time, at the touch of a button – linked to a central system that also controls lighting, security cameras and wireless computer network systems. The controller: Kramer VS-66HDMI 6 x 6 Matrix Switcher.

When the owner of an eight-room Manhattan penthouse wanted an easy, intuitive system for his family’s home, CytexOne, a New York-based technology integrator, created a personalized, computer-automated system. "The owner wanted a simple-to-operate system that was hassle-free for his family," said Dan Levine, CEO of CytexOne. “By using a central controller to manage everything, switching sources in each room becomes easy.” 

In this detailed installation, audio, video, computer and security systems are tied together from an equipment rack in the home. In the equipment rack are four Kramer 6 x 6 HDMI Matrix Switchers, creating a 12 x 12 matrix. The switchers distribute video to a 50-inch plasma display in the living room, a 60-inch plasma display in the listening room and two 26-inch LCD displays in the bedrooms. Other rooms are also pre-wired for video. The switchers allow viewers in any room to watch their choice of video sources, which include two cable TV tuners, BluRay/DVD, computer and an Internet movie rental component. 

"We chose Kramer HDMI matrix switchers for their reliability and functionality," Levine said. "We use various Kramer products in our installations because we know they will perform to our customers’ high standards. There are very few manufacturers that have such a wide range of offerings."