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Texas Tech University’s Jerry S. Rawls College of Business makes it a point to stay ahead of the learning curve by ensuring the University is equipped with the latest technology. When they noticed a weakness in audio recordings due to outdated equipment, they recognized it was time for change. 


Jerry Rawls IT Department was seeking a reliable live streaming PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera to provide stunning high definition video of a presenter and touchboard while simultaneously capturing a wide angle shot of the room's participants when zoomed out. Matthew Winfree, IT support technician and multimedia service manager, decided to reach out to the BZBGEAR design team for some assistance.


The assignment had a relatively simple solution. Our flagship education camera was the perfect fit based on the college's application requirements and budget. For Matthew’s particular scenario, our sales team recommended a 20x optical zoom capable of providing the necessary zoom and wide angle shots desired. The compact BG-VPTZ-20HSU3 PTZ camera provides an amazing image and is easy to use with programmable presets for scene selection via the IR remote, WebGUI, or free BG-PTZ-Control program.

“At the Jerry S. Rawls College of Business, at Texas Tech University, we have decided to go with the BG-VPTZ-20HSU3 as a part of a retro-fit upgrade to the building’s initial technology installation in 2011. At that time, we went with a Canon analog camera that was used to feed our standard definition lecture capture system, Media site. Today we are using their latest iteration of lecture recorders, and as part of that upgrade, saw it necessary to improve the cameras. After trying a handful of cameras in the market we decided on BZBGEAR after testing a demonstration unit, and because they were part of our AV Contractor’s purchasing list.

"We specifically chose the 20x model as we have a lecture hall that is very deep, as well as several classrooms that are wide. So, we need the flexibility of a lens that starts out wide but can also zoom in with minimal barrel distortion. As these cameras are used for daily lecture recording, as well as one in our classroom studio, the quality must be high and reliable, with an ability to have full control on the backend so classroom support can be given without the interruption of lecture time. With tools like BG-PTZ-Control and the web interface for each camera, this fits this important need.

"The cameras themselves will have one main purpose, which is to feed the 'talking head' side of our lecture capture system, with additional presets used for test taking because the FOV is so wide, and white board notes because the zoom gets close enough for making out handwriting on our whiteboards. We may also use the cameras for additional duty by looping the RTMP feed into our classroom controller for video conferencing purposes, as well as security purposes in our classrooms.”


BZBGEAR offers reliable PTZ cameras and AV distribution equipment suiting broadcasting application requirements for all levels of education. Our unique line of AV gear is extensive covering both signal distribution, conferencing, and live streaming applications.

Equipment used: BG-VPTZ-HSU3 PTZ Full HD 1080P 10X/20X/30X Zoom HDMI/SDI/USB 3.0 Live Streaming Camera with POE