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VSee TeleMedicine Case Study

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VSee TeleMedicine Case Study
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VSee is the largest video telemedicine platform, combining HIPAA secure video chat, EMR screen sharing, and medical device streaming. VSee has recently partnered with PTZOptics a US-based camera manufacturer to integrate Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera control into its secure telemedicine platform.

The PTZOptics USB camera line supports absolute UVC control allowing VSee to control mechanical PTZ functions through a simple USB connection. Doctors working remotely can zoom into particular areas of interest during a telemedicine call, such as for telestroke, burn, and trauma cases.

VSee also has a simple Virtual Waiting Room; advanced features include scheduling, call routing/triage, online payment, ePrescribe, and FitBit integration. Building complete camera control into these platforms opens new functionality for robotic telemedicine.

PTZOptics encourages third parties like VSee to integrate camera controls into their software by providing open source controls, SDK’s and various standard protocols. PTZOptics robotic camera control will help extend the reach of telemedicine everywhere.

Mobile TeleMedicine Cart Includes:

PTZOptics 12X-USB

User PC

Ergotron StyleView Dual Monitor Cart

Surgex UPS (Uninterupted Power Supply)


Mounting Options:

Wall Mount (PT-WM-SM)