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Sharp Product Dealer Revamps Meeting Room With Products Close To Home

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Sharp Product Dealer Revamps Meeting Room With Products Close To Home
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The Challenge

Smile Business Products, a Sharp product dealer, was facing limitations with their aging 9 panel LCD array in their main meeting room. The company was on the search for a technology revamp that allowed for stronger employee collaboration and less inconvenience.


The NEC LED-FE019i2-165IN kit fulfilled the company’s needs and boasts the technological capabilities that Smile loves to provide its own clients.


Smile is now equipped with a stunning video wall that allows for easy and efficient use. Team meetings and trainings can run more smoothly due to the new product installation and presenters can easily connect their own equipment without hassle. Company workflow has been reported to be better than ever, and Smile employees are grinning ear to ear. 

Identifying Technology Gaps

As a leading office equipment supplier, Smile Business Products was used to supplying organizations with the products they needed to enhance their IT services across the board. However, Smile realized they needed their own solutions when they noticed their primary meeting room’s technology was no longer serving their needs.

Their aging 9 panel LCD array required a dedicated PC to drive the display. As a result of COVID-19, Smile had standardized laptops with VPN connections, Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint and several layers of security to enable remote work. This often meant that to access Zoom or Teams meeting links, users had to use their personal login credentials on that dedicated PC and wait for the technology to sync up. It also meant that if a vendor sent a link to their preferred screen share tool, the users may not have permission to install it. Overall, their previous set-up required planning and coordination with Smile’s internal IT employees to get a meeting started properly.

To help mitigate these issues, and as a result of their experience, Smile knew exactly who to turn to for help. Through partnership with Sharp, Smile was able to introduce a new technology system in their meeting room to ease frustrations and reduce the need to rely on the help desk staff.

Turning Frowns Upside Down with Stellar Tech

Smile engaged with Sharp to complete the NEC LED-FE019i2-165IN video wall kit installation for them. Together, they used the existing heavy-duty metal frame from the panel as the basis for the collaboration screen and had contractors install furniture-grade plywood to provide a perfectly flat surface for the installation. The Sharp team set up the video wall, and the work went quickly since the surface was smooth and level. Smile now uses a 30-foot HDMI cable to connect the screen to a docking station at the presenter’s podium. They also installed a Logitech Meetup camera and speaker to the docking station to provide better video and sound quality from users’ laptops.

“Working with Sharp has always been great, so I was not surprised that this process went so seamlessly,” stated Scott Bartos, Director of Managed Services at Smile. “I’m thrilled we were able to make this update and provide an easier way for our employees to utilize the technology in our meeting room.”

A Glowing Review

The installation of the NEC LED-FE019i2-165IN kit greatly simplified the use of the video wall for team meetings and training. Presenters utilizing the room are now able to use their own laptops, applications, and data. To ensure individuals are utilizing the technology correctly, Smile has provided a single sheet of instructions to use the wall and has had no issues since the installation.

“We’re so happy that this new offering has resonated so well with our employees who love technology,” said Patsy Cutler, eCommerce Manager at Smile. “It is wonderful to use a product from Sharp, an organization that we are so passionate about.”

Outfitted with upgraded technology, Smile can confidently utilize its meeting room and looks forward to sharing its positive Sharp experience with customers.