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AmpliVox Sound Systems

AmpliVox Sound Systems engineers, manufactures, and markets portable public address systems: over 200 multimedia lecterns, veneers, hardwoods, acrylics; integrated 16 ch.UHF/2.4 Gig; audiences from 10 to 10,000; TSA/GSA contracts. Applications for large venues, education, healthcare, hospitality, public safety, HOWorship. athletics. 200+ videos. Custom audio integration. Unique megaphones.

Model: SW680

The AmpliVox Mega Hailer Mobile PA System is a 50-watt, totally wireless, highly intelligible, lightweight rechargeable battery powered loudspeaker system for general PA applications in areas that are
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AmpliVox Lithium-Ion Internal Rechargeable Megaphones Lead Industry for Battery Life
Posted on Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Northbrook, IL: December 2013 -- AmpliVox Sound Systems announces that its exclusive internal Rechargeable Megaphone Battery Pack has been confirmed to maintain a full charge for over a year of idle time. AmpiVox's revolutionary lithium-ion battery pack, the first of its kind in a megaphone, will now be available in the company's S602 and S602M megaphone products.

AmpliVox's lithium-ion battery heralds a new genration of handheld bullhorns with talk, siren, and whistle modes, that weigh less and deliver far longer battery life than traditional models. The AmpliVox lithium-ion battery powers the megaphone for up to 40 hours of typical use, and holds its charge for over a year in storage. The rechargeable battery also cuts the weight of the megaphone unit by 30% compared to competing products that require multiple D-cell alkaline batteries and external recharge trays. Rechargeable batteries also eliminate the need to constantly replace alkaline batteries, and are far safer for the environment than toxic disposable batteries.

AmpliVox megaphones offer a host of features to support a wide range of uses:
  • Mity-Meg S602: AmpliVox's most power megaphone with an effective range of up to one mile. Includes multi-function talk/siren/whistle modes, volume and gain controls, battery power indicator lights, a comfortable pistol grip handle, and attached carry strap.
  • Mity-Meg Plus S602M: Lightweight and powerful. Comfortable pistol grip and three modes: talk/siren/whistle. Effective range up to one mle (1760 yards). Weatherproof high impact plastic and steel. Battery indicator light shows power status (low/med/hi) on the outer housing. Includes detachable corded mic and shoulder strap for all-day use.

All AmpliVox megaphones feature weatherproof, shockproof construction and incorporate top-rated Piezo microphone technology. They are widely used in law enforcement, EMS, fire safety, education, sports, rallies, and other settings that require clear communication to large groups of people.

"The lithium-ion battery pack is a game changer for this product line," noted Don Roth, CEO of AmpliVox. "This technology ensures that AmpliVox megaphones are always ready to go at a moment's notice. We are proud to offer the most lightweight, dependable megaphones in the industry."