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AmpliVox BeltBlaster Sound System Helps Parkinson’s Sufferers Raise their Voices
Posted on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ron Stelzer knows the challenges of Parkinson’s Disease all too well. Diagnosed with the neurological disorder in 2007, Stelzer has had to deal with a range of difficult symptoms, including problems with the volume and intelligibility of his speech. Fortunately, as CFO of AmpliVox Sound Systems, Stelzer had access to experts in the science of helping people’s voices be heard. AmpliVox sound technicians worked with Stelzer to adapt the company’s S207 BeltBlaster Voice Booster to amplify and clarify his voice with a wearable mini-PA that goes anywhere.

The BeltBlaster Voice Booster is a lightweight, battery-powered 5W sound system that is worn on a belt for hands-free convenience. The unit connects to either a lapel or headset microphone, and provides sufficient sound coverage for groups of up to 75 people. It also includes fingertip controls for volume and a handheld mute button that is easy for users to operate.  The unit’s rechargeable batteries last for up to six hours on a single charge, and can be replaced with standard AA batteries. A weather-resistant neoprene cover protects the unit and enhances its acoustics.

“The AmpliVox BeltBlaster Voice Booster helps me project my voice much more strongly,” notes Stelzer. “The critical feature it has is an on/off button that lets me easily mute my voice when I don’t want to be heard. The Voice Booster can help anyone who needs assistance being heard, for whatever reason.”

The BeltBlaster can be seen in action in this instructive video. For more information about the BeltBlaster Voice Booster and other portable sound systems from AmpliVox, visit

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