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AmpliVox Introduces New Collaboration Huddle Table with Technology Support Features
Posted on Friday, June 3, 2016
AmpliVox Introduces New Collaboration Huddle Table with Technology Support Features

AmpliVox Sound Systems brings its expertise in commercial integration to the meeting room with its new, made in the USA, Collaboration Huddle Table CT4880. This affordable and durable table for conference rooms and other meeting spaces offers built-in power receptacles as well as an optional table-mount stand for digital monitors. In addition, the streamlined design of the Collaboration Huddle Table is ADA Standards for Accessible Design compliant, comfortably accommodating users in wheelchairs and allowing ample knee clearance.

The Collaboration Huddle Table’s attractive surface is constructed of scratchproof, impact-resistant high pressure laminate in a maple finish with durable black vinyl edges. The workspace includes two USB and AC power receptacles, each with two AC power outlets, two USB power ports, and one USB network plug. An optional mount for monitors measuring 32” to 52” attaches to one end of the table, creating a comfortable setting for teleconferencing, multimedia presentations, and other viewing opportunities. The table provides room for six standard chairs or three ADA-compliant seating positions.

“We are excited to offer this new addition to augment AmpliVox’s product line,” comments Don Roth, AmpliVox CEO. “The Collaboration Huddle Table is an affordable, attractive, and durable furniture option that supports the use of technology in all types of meetings. It also meets standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act to ensure that all participants can work together comfortably.”

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Photo Caption: The new Collaboration Huddle Table from AmpliVox creates an attractive, durable, and affordable workspace for meetings, teleconferencing, and other group activities. It features ADA-compliant design to comfortably accommodate all participants.

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