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Benro Introduces the BV4 Pro
Posted on Tuesday, April 12, 2016
Benro Introduces the BV4 Pro

Benro adds two new feature packed tripod kits to their video lineup.

Benro announced today that they will be introducing two new BV Pro professional video tripod kits at NAB this week. Both kits are designed for more demanding filmmakers and videographers - allowing for precise control over the counterbalance, pan drag and tilt drag. Both sizes will be on hand for live demonstrations at Central Hall Booth #C1307.

The new Pro versions of the BV4 and BV6 incorporate the eighth generation two-stage aluminum tripod. This professional tripod is a double tandem leg design that uses an adjustable, removable spreader, a metal 75mm bowl, oversized quick positive leg locks and dual spike feet with pads, making this kit perfect for heavy loads and rigged cameras.

The BV4 Pro and the BV6 Pro tripod kits are packed with useful features usually found on more expensive tripods. These features include a stepped counterbalance, which does the heavy lifting for you when operating hefty camera rigs or longer lenses. Having individual steps allows you to dial in the right amount of counterbalance for each setup, which is extremely helpful when changing lenses and adding accessories.

"At Benro, we believe that everyone should have access to great filmmaking tools. However, most professional video tripods are just too expensive or lack the right features,” said Brian Hynes, Benro’s brand manager for marketing. “The BV Pro tripods are going to fix that and we expect to make a lot of filmmakers very happy."