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Next Gen Rigs — DSLR Rigs with EV3 Quick-Release Baseplates
Posted on Thursday, October 8, 2015
Next Gen Rigs — DSLR Rigs with EV3 Quick-Release Baseplates

Ikan’s new EV3 Quick-Release Baseplate System takes its Elements DSLR Shoulder Rigs to the next level. Both the EV3 Flyweight Rig (ELE-EV3-FLWDSLR) and the EV3 Flyweight Offset Rig (ELE-EV3-OFLY) are designed for use with small DSLRs, mirrorless DSLRs, micro 4/3 cameras, and small camcorders, and feature the EV3 Quick-Release Baseplate, which enables you to quickly and efficiently mount and dismount a camera by simply pressing one lever and a quick-release button. In addition, an anti-rotation plate prevents the camera from rotating out of alignment.

The EV3 Flyweight’s straight rig design is perfect for cameras with flip out screens or for operators who use external monitors or EVF systems. The EV3 Flyweight Offset Rig is designed to place the camera’s LCD screen in the center of the operator’s field of view, while also making it easy to use optional viewfinder accessories.