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More Small Flash Winners from Lastolite
Posted on Friday, January 7, 2011

Lastolite is excited to announce some great, new small flash products to help you get everything you need to create a great image.

Ezybox Speed-Lite
Lastolite’s Ezybox Hotshoe line of pop open softboxes has been an incredible hit. It started with the 15” (LL LS2438M2), then the 24” (LL LS2462M2) and the recently introduced 30” version. The new Ezybox Speed-Lite (LL LS2420S) is just 8.6” square and it attaches directly to the flash gun on or off the camera. Like all but the 15” version, the new Speed-Lite features removable inner and outer diffusers.

8 in 1 Umbrella
Lastolite’s best selling All-in-One umbrella has been a hit since it was originally launched. The brand new 8-in-1 Umbrella (LL LU4528) is like the All-in-One umbrella on steroids and it is unique in the marketplace. Combinations that can be achieved with this umbrella are:
1.    White bounce
2.    Silver bounce
3.    Shoot through
4.    Shoot through with square mask
5.    Shoot through box
6.    Shoot through box with square mask
7.    Umbrella box (bounce) with silver interior
8.    Umbrella box (bounce) with white interior

This product can also be used with small, studio or on location lighting gear and should become a best seller.

TriFlash Sync with Shoe Lock Tilt Head

With the success of the original TriFlash and TriFlash Shoe Lock, Lastolite decided to extend this family of products. The Triflash (LL LA2455) still allows up to three flashguns to be attached and locked in place but adds syncing capabilities. Plugging a wireless receiver like a Skyport Universal into the brackets PC port allows the single trigger to fire all attached flashes. Don’t have a wireless receiver or trigger? No problem. The TriFlash Sync bracket also includes an optical slave cell with the ability to fire after the first, second or third pre-flash. This bracket has already been mentioned by David Hobby at the Strobist and is bound to be another huge hit among the flashgun crowd.

Besides holding flashguns, TriFlash brackets have been spotted in the video market holding two Micro LitePanels and a “shot gun” mike.

Sync Block for Remote Triggers
Although introduced a few months ago, some people have not heard about the Sync Block for Remote Triggers (LL LA2419). Users who want to fire their flashguns with wireless triggers will love this new item. This device has an aluminum cold shoe with a locking thumb screw that holds a flashgun (even the SB900). A coiled cable is connected to one side of the cold shoe so connecting it to a wireless receiver or into the body of the camera allows the flashgun to be fired remotely. Note: This version has a male PC socket so an adapter would be needed for Skyport, PocketWizard, FreeWire and MicroSync triggers.

TriFlash Shoe Lock Umbrella Kits
We have already released the TriFlash All-in-One Umbrella Kits (LL LU2477 & LL LU2488). These kits include either a 34” or 40” Lastolite All-in-One Umbrella, a TriFlash Tilt head, a Manfrotto 1051BAC stand and a carry bag for the gear. The two new kits substitute the brand new TriFlash Shoe Lock for the regular TriFlash. This version is perfect for owners of Nikon SB800, SB900’s or any other flashgun that doesn’t include a thumb lock at its base as the TriFlash Shoe Lock features a flashgun locking mechanism for each flash.