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Sennheiser Expands Its Digital Wireless Microphone Family with the Availability of EW-DX
Posted on Thursday, November 17, 2022
Sennheiser Expands Its Digital Wireless Microphone Family with the Availability of EW-DX

First components of the next evolution of wireless microphones for corporate and education environments ship this week

Old Lyme, November 17, 2022— Sennheiser, the first choice for advanced audio technology that makes collaboration and learning easier, today announced the availability of the next system from the Evolution Wireless Digital family of radio microphones. Named EW-DX, the new microphone systems simplify professional workflows by utilizing refined technologies to deliver a digital UHF system that can be scaled with ease.

"As the technological successor to our evolution wireless G4, EW-DX is designed for the most demanding business and professional applications," says Michael Altemark, product manager at Sennheiser. "Our latest digital wireless system solution is scalable, reliable and easy to install. EW-DX has an advance feature set that allows it to easily scale from the smallest meeting space or classroom to the largest business and educational installations."

Available This Week

This week, the first flight of products started shipping from Sennheiser's main warehouses in the United States, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. The following components are available as part of these shipments:

EW-DX EM 2, two-channel digital half-rack (9,5") receiver

EW-DX SK bodypack transmitter with 3.5mm connector and with 3-pin connector

EW-DX SKM handheld transmitter

EW-DX SKM-S handheld transmitter with programmable mute switch

EW-D power distribution cable

Complete Control and Active Monitoring

To coincide with the availability of EW-DX, Sennheiser also released an updated version of the Sennheiser Control Cockpit software this week. With Version 6.0.0, Sennheiser Control Cockpit is now fully compatible with EW-DX, enabling monitoring, control and firmware updates for EW-DX devices. For conformity, consistency and compatibility reasons, it is strongly recommended that the system be updated to the new release of Sennheiser Control Cockpit upon receiving the EW-DX. This will ensure stable firmware upon first use.

The easy-to-use Sennheiser Control Cockpit continuously provides a global overview of all network-enabled devices. It shows all status information at a glance and makes setting adjustments for one or multiple devices at the same time very easy. For more information about Sennheiser Control Cockpit, additional details about the new features and to download the new version, visit Please refer to this How-To Guide to follow the steps for downloading Sennheiser Control Cockpit and updating EW-DX firmware.

Transmitters and Power Supply

The handheld and bodypack transmitters will be the first on the market to feature e-ink displays. Even when a transmitter is switched off, users will still be able to read essential device data. Both transmitter types will be fitted with in-device charging contacts. Using the dedicated BA 70 rechargeable battery pack, which can be charged using the L 70 USB charger (both BA 70 and L 70 USB are sold separately), the transmitters will have an operating time of about 12 hours.

In early 2023, Sennheiser will add to the Evolution Digital Wireless family charging options with the availability of the network-enabled charger, the CHG 70N, which features two individual charging bays for the EW-DX, one of which can charge EW-DX SKM, EW-DX SK or BA 70.

The EW-DX Key Features

Advanced level of Sennheiser Control Cockpit (SCC) integration allows for remote, network-enabled management in installations of all sizes via SCC and 3rd party applications

Network-enabled charging options for handheld and bodypack transmitters with CHG 70N

Secure transmission of confidential content using AES-256 encryption

Worldwide usage (specific frequencies subject to local RF regulations)

Up to 12 hours of battery time

Transmitters with function buttons for convenient on-device control

Transmitters with e-ink display for easy user identification

Automatic RF setup enables easy in-room configuration


An Expanding Family - Shipping from mid-2023

EW-DX EM 2 Dante two-channel receiver, half rack

EW-DX EM 4 Dante four-channel receiver, full rack

EW-DX TS 3-pin table stand transmitter

EW-DX TS 5-pin table stand transmitter with light ring functionality

LM 6070 charging module for the L 6000 rack-mount charger

AWM wall-mount antennas:

AWM UHF (470 – 694 MHz)

AWM UHF (823 – 1075 MHz)

AWM 1G8 (1785 – 1805 MHz)