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SMART Board 6000 series interactive display with iQ and SMART Learning Suite - 75" 4K Ultra HD

Series: SMART Board 6000

Model: SPNL-6275

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<p>The SMART Board® 6000 series interactive display with iQ is the hub of your classroom. < /p> < p>iQ technology connects devices, lesson content and pedagogically relevant software to create a cohesive educational experience. PC-free embedded computing provides one-touch access to a diverse suite of SMART applications—Notebook lessons, amp workspaces, lab gamification activities and whiteboard—and collaborative tools, such as wireless screen sharing and a web browser. There’s no need for wires, cables or manual software and firmware updates.< /p> < p>Includes a one-year subscription to SMART Learning Suite software. Includes SMART Notebook®, SMART lab™, SMART response® 2 and SMART amp™. Together, they connect students, teachers and devices to turn lessons into enriching learning experiences.< /p> < p>The 75" 4K Ultra HD LED display provides optimal image clarity and wide viewing angles. < /p> < p>Simultaneous Tool Differentiation lets student pens, erasers and fingertips all work together at the same time. It frees students to work together, give separate answers and show off. It’s amazing and only available on SMART Boards.< /p> < p>Object Awareness™ allows you to perform mouse functions with your finger, write in digital ink with the pen, and erase with your palm or eraser—all without switching tools or modes. You can use a variety of gestures in applications, and two users can write or draw at the same time.< /p> < p>With Pen ID™, students can write in two different colors at the same time and teachers can identify comprehension gaps.< /p> < p>SMART ink™ lets you write over websites, video, PDFs and Microsoft Office® files, and save your notes in almost any file type.< /p> < p>Silktouch™ - the most accurate, natural, and responsive touch experience from corner-to-corner. Fingers glide effortlessly over the surface, providing hours of error-free use in perfect comfort.< /p> < p>With 8 simultaneous touch points, on Windows or Mac, multiple students can use gestures, like zoom, rotate and flip, at the same time. The natural learning experience develops essential life-long collaboration skills without students realizing it. < /p> < p>Durable fully heat-tempered glass is tough enough for the classroom and safe for stude

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