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Elinchrom Updates the Ranger Quadra
Posted on Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Elinchrom Updates the Ranger Quadra

The Ranger Quadras were released in the US in July of 2009 and have become the leading mobile studio flash system on the market. The reason why is obvious; compared to the competition, their size, weight and cababilites put them at an advantage over anything else on the market today.

Elinchrom has provided a minor update to the Ranger Quadra, renaming the device the Ranger Quadra RX. Initially, there are only three differences customers will see between the old Quadra and the Quadra RX:

  • Brighter LED pack display - the brighter LED pack display can help users who shoot outdoors in bright sunlight see the display clearly.
  • RX designation on the side of the pack - the RX designation means that this Quadra will be able to be controlled by a computer using Elinchrom’s Skyport Software for Mac or PC. However, we must wait for Elinchrom Skyport Software version 3.0 before we’ll be able to use it on the new Quadra RX device. Elinchrom hopes to have a BETA version of the software in June and plan to release the software in the fall of 2010.
  • Wireless Firmware upgrade option - this capability will allow Quadra’s built-in firmware to be upgraded wirelessly via the Skyport modules. Just like software control, we must wait for Elinchrom Skyport Software version 3.0 before this feature will be implemented.

Part numbers and pricing remain the same for the Quadra RX as the current Quadras which are shown below for your reference.

Code Description
Kits – 1 Ranger Quadra, 2 batteries, 2 heads, 2 reflectors, 1 Skyport Transmitter, hard shell case, cables, charger
EL 10290.1 Ranger Quadra 2 x S Head Kit
EL 10291.1 Ranger Quadra 2 x A Head Kit

Pack and Head To Go Combo – Include 1 Ranger Quadra, 1 battery, 1 head, 1 reflector, cables and charger

EL 10292.1

Ranger Quadra S Head To Go Set

EL 10293.1 Ranger Quadra A Head To Go Set
Individual components
EL 20107 Ranger Quadra S Head with 8' Cable
EL 20110 Ranger Quadra A Head with 8' Cable
EL 10261.1

Ranger Quadra w/Battery, sync, charger and carry strap

EL 10262.1