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Elinchrom Skyport Speed Arrives
Posted on Monday, May 17, 2010
Elinchrom Skyport Speed Arrives

It has been about three years since Elinchrom first introduced Skyport to the world. Since that time, Skyport has managed to become the second best selling radio trigger system in the US. Elinchrom has now announced the next generation of Skyport called the Skyport Speed.

The Skyport Speed replaces the previous Skyport modules but now have new and better features like increased DSLR sync speeds and increased range. All these helpful new features on the Skyport Speed are included for the same price you would have paid for the previous version Skyport; increased capabilites at the same price!

All Skyport Speed Modules new features



Redesigned case

No more accidentally turning on the unit.

LED Indicator lights

Know at a glance if unit is on or off and if the battery needs changing or recharging.

Larger group sliders

Even people with large hands and fingers will be able to operate the sliders easily.

Increased range

20% increase in shooting distance from original Skyports:
Skyport      Original    Speed

Indoors            165           198 feet

Outdoors          395           474 feet

Increased DSLR
sync speeds

Skyport Speed supports camera sync speeds up to 1/280’s (on camera’s that have this capability). Original Skyport could reliably attain camera sync speeds of up to 1/200’s.

Micro controller
is 4 times faster

Allows Skyport to achieve faster sync speeds and provides the speed necessary to implement features on upcoming products.

Module auto power off

Helps preserve the battery life.